Posted July 5, 2011 at 01:25 am

Guys! Guys!
Okay first, there will be a KB page this week, but a bit later! First I gotta get home, and then get to my sister's house so I can help watch her freaking adorable new corgi. I shall bring my supplies and draw the page there!

Aaaagh I can't even express how cool it is to meet people who're fans. Right on day one, an awesome gal (whom I forgot the nickname of like a big jackass! Please post in here so your awesomeness can be known!) gave me the Winston plush you see up top. It is life-sized and super soft and so freaking adorable. There's something kind of strange and touching about a total stranger from across the country taking the time to make something for me, just 'cause they like my comic! It is a pretty amazing experience.
Huge thanks to the Misters Sato as well for coming by three of the days with food and gifts! I bet I gained a few pounds on Japanese pastries, but dammit it was so worth it. And further thanks to Driflooning, and everyone else who came by and gave me a little something or bought a book or just said hi! This is the kinda interaction I live for!

I've already signed up for a table next year, though I'll have to figure out the best thing to do for where to stay and how to get there and such. But that's later pffft. Right now I'm thinking about Otakon and the things I should prepare for THAT!
But first I better get a few hours of sleep before this early morning plane flight. I love you guys and you are the best and I'm sorry for the delay but I'm very excited to make the next page!